Bikram Thapa

“I have always wanted to take motorcycle racing in Nepal to an international level and for that to happen on a bigger scale, aspiring riders need a good base. I see myself mentoring young riders to make sure they learn in a professional and technical background that I, myself, had to go a long way to receive."

Bikram Thapa

Bikram Thapa is Nepal’s first professional rider in professional racing. it was quite a journey for Bikram as although motorbikes is the most popular transportation in Nepal, a Nepalese rider excelling in professional motorcycle racing was never heard of in Nepal. Given this, Bikram was acknowledged as the “Master of two wheels” by Nepalitimes in 2014.

Like many racers, Bikram’s first taste of motorsport came from going on car drives and motorcycle rides with his father when he was a child. All of Bikram’s family members were inerested in motorcycles which shaped his inspiration to become a rider.

Bikram’s interest in becoming a top motorcycle racer in Nepal wasn’t only prompted by his interest in the sport but due to that the fact since Nepal is unheard of in the global arena, Bikram was determined to give it a shot to be the first. With this burning desire, Bikram went from becoming runner up for Racemandu II in 2014 to becoming the first Nepali rider to ever win a racing series outside Nepal, the 2018 TK Rental Bike Series Champion in Japan.

Each day Bikram looks forward to learning and excelling as much as he can so that he is always better than yesterday. Below is Bikram’s advice for fellow Nepali riders to get into racing.

  • Discipline is the key.
  • Be aware of the exponential set of risk that comes within racing, even something as fatal as death. One should be mentally, physically and financially prepared for the experience.
  • The younger you start the better.
  • Support and participate in the local racing events happening within Nepal.
  • Prepare to obtain/earn appropriate Racing Licenses. Currently, one is not able to professionally race in Nepal without a NASA license. They can be reached out to on their Facebook page as Nepal Motorcycle Federation.
  • Race outside of Nepal at international events to maximise your potential by competing with the international best. This is because in Nepal, it still isn’t at the level of standard in comparison to neighbouring countries.

Key Highlights

  • 2019 Japan Motegi Road Race Championship ST150 class Round 1 – 12th
  • 2018 Japan TK Rental Bike Series Expert class Champion
  • 2018 Asia Road Racing Championship Round 2 Thailand (Suzuki Asian Challenge) – Top 8
  • 2017 Suzuki Asian Challenge- 15th with a best finish 8th in Buriam Thailand round
  • 2017 TK Rental Bike Championship Japan Expert Class -5th

  • 2016 Suzuki Asian Challenge Championship – 15th in Overall Standing
  • 2015 Honda CBR250R Asia Dream Cup Pre-Season Test (Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia) – Unfortunately crashed and was unfit for race
  • 2014 TSD Sincere Citizen 4 wheel Motor Rally Nepal National Championship – Runner Up
  • 2014 Racemandu Nepal National Championship – Runner Up
  • 2013 Racemandu Nepal National Championship – Numerous Podium Finishes


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