Joshua ORourke

“My goal is to compete in the Australian Superbike Championship competitively and be a key figure within the riding community in hope of inspiring fellow riders young and old"

Joshua ORourke

Joshua ORourke is from Tasmania Australia but has been living in Sydney for a few years.Joshua enjoys making making people laugh and putting people in awkward situations then posting it on social media.

Growing up as a young kid, Joshua used to travel around Tasmania and watch his father race competitively. From this experience, it gave Joshua a good understanding of the preparation, mechanical understanding and race craft required to compete at state and national level.

Joshua’s advice for street riders who want to get into racing is “take your time and enjoy your riding (whether it be road riding, track days or racing). Lots of practise is essential and there is no replacement for seat time. Realise that you will not be the next big thing (aka a Marc Marquez) and stay humble to your realism and understanding.”

Key Highlights

  • 2020 Competing in my first full season St George AGV Pirelli Road Race Sprint Series
  • 2019 Sydney 5 Endurance 5 Hour – Runner Up in Class 5


At A Glance

Contractor for West Connex Project
Bike Type
Honda CBR1000RR
LNS Mechanic, Honey Racing, Wilson Media and Superbike Accessories