Ride to Inspire Youths with Tony Hoang

Ride to Inspire Youths with Tony Hoang

Over 150 members from Sydney West Riders (SWR) motorcycle group and Ambassadors Christian Motorcycle Club will be partnering together to raise awareness and funds for Inspire180. The ride will be held on Saturday, January 14, where motorcyclists will congregate at Cabramatta’s Hungry Jacks at 8:30AM, before commencing their cruise towards Wisemen Ferry.

Each year we undertake a ride to support a youth cause. Given that many issues faced by adults in today’s time tend to escalate from one’s living experience as a youth, it is crucial that on-going backing for non-profit organisations such as Inspire180 are supported” Co-Founder of SWR, Kevin Lam, has said in a statement. Inspire180, led by local figure Tony Hoang, seeks to engage, educate and recalibrate cultural perceptions towards the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and crime. Funds received will offer schools with low socioeconomic status in Western Sydney free educational engagement seminars in 2017. Tony will engage, equip, and challenge this generation’s mindset around choices and consequences, helping them discover their strengths and passion in achieving their goals.

Kevin Lam has said that while he was excited for the upcoming ride, he was more honoured to be able to contribute to the life changing work Tony Hoang does for the youth community.

In 2008, when I was still in high school, Tony shared his story of transformation from a gang member to a youth mentor and pastor in the documentary “Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta”. Although I was  never involved in crime, Tony’s story of hope and courage inspired many students, including myself, and showed us that any aspirations in life are possible.”

Photo Taken By: Jennifer Lam Photography

Article Written By: Stacey Thomas. For full article, click here.