Our partners and projects


Reachout Australia - 2020 Start of Year Ride

After a couple of delays, in February we deliver our annual Start of Year Ride to support our 6th youth organisation, Reachout Australia. The ride was participated by over 70 motorcyclists around Sydney. We embarked through Springwood and Bilpin where we witnessed the aftermath of the horrific bushfire that occurred recently. Together with the assistance of Snowfoam Australia, MotoHub Castle Hill, Global Re Liverpool, Luddenham Raceway, Valentino Expressor Bar, MCA, OZMC Leathers, LNS Mechanic and Macchina Liverpool, we raised $4129. The funds help Reachout Australia’s online program which is forum for youth to have access to range services.

Tom Toparis Visits Sydney West Riders

Tom Toparis joined Sydney West Riders February Ride Day in preparation for his World Supersport season debut in Europe.Tom is a 19 year old road racer from Goulburn, Australia. In 2019 Tom dominated the Australia Supersport Championship, winning the series with a record 401 from a possible 407 points. During in the 2019 season and past years, he also raced in Europe in the IDM – International German Motorbike Championship with Benro Racing and made wildcard appearance in Moto 3 and World Supersport.

Martin Nguyen - One Championship

Earlier this year we facilitated a photoshoot for Martin Nguyen on behalf of Ducati and One Championship.The shots involved taking scenic shots at Royal National Park and the iconic Seacliff Bridge. Martin isn’t only a fellow rider within the Sydney West Riders community, an ambassador for Ducati but the current featherweight champion fighting in One Championship (ONE). ONE is Asia’s largest global sports media property in history with a global broadcast reach of 2.7 billion potential viewers across 150+ countries. ONE is a celebration of Asia’s greatest cultural treasure, and its deep-rooted Asian values of integrity, humility, honor, respect, courage, discipline, and compassion.


Fusion Western Sydney - 2019 Start of Year Ride

On January 20 2019, we our annual Start of Year Ride to support our 5th youth organisation, Fusion Western Sydney. The ride was participated by over 120 motorcyclists around Sydney. We made our way through Royal National Park, Macquarie Pass and finished at Kangaroo Valley. Together with the assistance of Snowfoam Australia, MotoHub Castle Hill, Global Re Liverpool, Luddenham Raceway, Valentino Expressor Bar, Plus Fitness Cabramatta, OZMC Leathers, LNS Mechanic and OB Seafoods, we raised $2750. The funds help Fusion Western Sydney ongoing programs for youth at risk.

Valentino Expressor Bar - April ``Meet, Greet & Eat``

We hosted our 2nd “Meet, Greet and Eat” at Valentino’s Espresso Bar in Camden who have been serving Italian cusine since 2012.   Thanks to Maurizio, Andrea and the rest of the Montagense family for hosting us.

Ocean Blue Seafood - February ``Meet, Greet & Eat``

Similar ro last year, our 1st “Meet, Greet & Eat” Event for 2019 was at Ocean Blue Seafood, a Fish & Chip Shop located in Condell Park. The eatery was established in 2003 but as of early this year, it underwent new management with riders Sammuel Tran and Michael Tang.

Luddenham Raceway - Ride Days

We successfully hosted monthly Ride Days throughout 2019 where a majority of the events were sold out. This included hosting fellow motorcycle riding groups such as Sydney Social Riders and Girls Torque.

Wayne Maxwell Visits Sydney West Riders

Wayne Maxwell “Wayne Train” made a special guest appearance at Sydney West Riders June Ride Day event. Wayne at the time was a factory Suzuki rider, multiple Australian Champion, Moto 2 wild card runner and contender to win the 2019 and 2020 ASBK Championship.

RS Taichi - Japan comes to Sydney

RS Taichi is a global Japanese motorcycle brand that equip top quality gear that are worn by street riders to MotoGP competitors. In 2019, Sydney West Riders became partners with RS Taichi Australia and are now essentially the dealer and point of contact in Sydney. Despite RS Taichi being a reputable brand in many other parts of the world especially Asia, Sydney West Riders hope to spread its brand across Australia. Click here for a film Sydney West Riders produced to launch RS Taichi in Sydney.

Forcite - Start of Australian Tour

In late July 2019, Sydney West Riders assisted Forcite, a smart helmet, with the launch of their Australian tour. It was a 2 day event that attracted over 1000 riders across Australia. Riders had the opportunity to test out the helmets along with making pre-orders. Forcite successfuly secure over 700 pre orders across that weekend through sales on the day and online.

Vivid Sydney - Annual Lights Ride

In May 2019, Sydney West Riders hosted a short ride from Cabramatta to Luna Park to celebrate the Vivid lights festival. The warm night attracted up to 200 riders across Sydney.

LNS Mechanic - Dyno Day

On 25th of August 2019, the exact date as 2018, we hosted Dyno Day at LNS Mechanic in Wetherill Park. The event attracted up to 100 people across 5 hours with 50 riders registering their bike on the Dyno.

MotoGo & Anthony West

Sydney West Riders partnered with RS Taichi Australia and MotoGO Melbourne in the final round of the Australian Superbike Championship held at Sydney Motorsport Park. The weekend involved assisting Patrick Li in the supersport 300 class joined. Amongst the pit crew was former MotoGP Kawasaki Factory rider, Anthony West.


Kids Under Cover - 2018 Start of Year Ride

In January, we conducted our annual Start of Year Ride to support another youth organisation, Kids Under Cover. The ride consisted of over 90 motorcyclists around Sydney. We ventured in the boiling heat to Lithgow via Springwood.

Together with the assistance of Snowfoam Australia, we raised $1,600. The funds will help tackle youth homelessness across Australia.

Ocean Blue Seafood - February ``Meet, Greet & Eat``

Our 1st “Meet, Greet & Eat” Event for 2018 at Ocean Blue Seafood, a Fish & Chip Shop located in Condell Park. The eatery was established in 2003 but as of early this year, it underwent new management with riders Sammuel Tran and Gavin Kim.

Luddenham Raceway - First Riders on Track

Kevin Lam, Jackie Gieng and Steven Lam were invited by the Vukmirica family to first riders to test out Western Sydney’s newest track, Luddenham Raceway.

Rosetti's Cafe - April ``Meet, Greet & Eat``

Our 2nd “Meet, Greet & Eat” Event for 2018 was at Rosetti’s Cafe, a Italian restaurant located in Wetherill Park. The eatery has operating since 2000!

Valentino Expressor Bar - June ``Meet, Greet & Eat``

We hosted our 3rd “Meet, Greet and Eat” at Valentino’s Espresso Bar in Camden who have been serving Italian cusine since 2012.   Thanks to Maurizio, Andrea and the rest of the Montagense family for hosting us.

LNS Mechanic - Dyno Day

On Saturday 25th of August 2018, we hosted our long anticipated Dyno Day at LNS Mechanic in Wetherill Park. The event attracted up to 100 people across 5 hours with 43 riders registering their bike on the Dyno.

The best performing result was Michael Grackoski on his 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa which ran 165.5 (Mainline Dyno Reading which could’ve been around 190hp on the Dyno Jet Reading).

Luddenham Raceway - Launch of Ride Days

Sydney West Riders hosted 2 private ride days in November and December 2018 at Luddenham Raceway. The 2 events were exclusive invited to most active members of the community since it was the first time Sydney West Riders hosted events of this nature. Due to the success, it positioned Sydney West Riders to make the events public in 2019 and onwards.

Promotional Film with SM14

Sydney West Riders produced a short trailer to promote Luddenham Raceway. This was done in collaboration with SM14, one of Australia’s largest supermoto communities along with NSW top racers Guiseppe Scarcella and Brian Bolster. Click here to see the final product.


Annual Vivid Ride with MV Agusta

In June, we conducted our annual Vivid Lights ride through the city. The ride consisted of over 170 motorcyclists around Sydney. To make it extra special, we had special guests David Wooyoung and Damien Llewelyn from MV Agusta Parramatta lend us the beautiful European machines to lead the ride,

Dauntless Movement Crew - Hoodie Launch

To mark the launch of our new batch of hoodies, we partnered with Australia’s leading stunt performers, Dauntless Movement Crew. The night led by Joseph Carbone literally lit the film up with fire breathing and tricking.

Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK)

Our biggest project to date is the launch of Sydney West Riders Racing in February 2017. We had professional riders, Cambridge Olivier and Thomas Bryden representing our community at the highest level of competitive racing, Australian Superbike Championship.

Bonnyrigg High School - Inspire180

On September 13 2017, we had the honours of handing certificates to selected Bonnyrigg High School students graduating from the Inspire180 project. The Inspire 180 project is a 9-week program designed to equip the students with valuable life tools. We had the privilege of presenting on the topic “Dreaming Big” in Week 6.

Start of Year Ride for Inspire180

We begun 2017 with a “Start of Year Ride”. Every year we ride to raise awareness for a youth non-for-profit organisation.  In collaboration with Christians Ambassadors Motorcycle Club and public figure, Tony Hoang, we fund raised to launch Inspire180. We raised a total of $2006.69, thanks to Tony Naaman from VIP Transport who made the largest donation.

Ambassadors Christian MC

Ambassadors MC collaborated with us to help with the Inspire 180 launch. The club have been in existence for over 20 years. Despite being from a different discipline of bikes, both of our groups shared the same ambitions. The group is led by Stu Woods and Phillip Palmer


Fairfield State Emergency Service

In late December 2016, the Fairfield SES Unit invited us to attend a special community event for Levi Douglas. Levi is diagnosed with brain cancer and one of the items on his Christmas wish list is to see bikes. We gathered 15 riders and our racer Thomas to make it a memorable day!


The event was supported by local business and groups such as Cabramatta Police, Yennora Fire Station, Search Dogs Sydney, Party Heros and Bouncing Giggles. Job well done to SES Boris Derevnin and Natalie Matti for delivering the event.

Vietnamese Student Association

In late November 2016, co-Founder Steven Lam was invited by Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) to talk at “VSAxTalks” event. The event in the form of a youth conference was designed to empower, inspire and motivate the local Vietnamese youth community. Steven shared his challenges, breakthroughs and key lessons ina 15min presentation.


The line up of speakers also included Maria Tran (actress), Thy Ha (Make a Difference Foundation), Duy Nguyen (The Lisa Foundation) and Tony Hoang (Inspire180). The event wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of 2016 VSA secretary, Bao Nguyen.

Dauntless Movement Crew

It was around August when the “Mannequin Challenge” was trending all over social media. We teamed up with Australia’s leading stunt crew again to produce an innovative edit of the Mannequin Challenge. The shooting took place on top of Warwick Farm Station car park which involved up to 30 people. It is always a great feeling when we collaborate to make something extraordinary.

Doin Bikes & MAS Motorcycles

On the 15th of October 2016, We hosted a Dyno and BBQ event with Doin Bikes and MAS Motorcycles. Up to 35 members from the SWR community did a dyno run.


The mappings were led by Trevor Rodgers who has worked with and won championships with numerous major race teams including Factory Yamaha and Cougar Honda as well as many privateer teams and riders that have gone on to ride in WSBK, Moto GP and British Superbike. This wouldn’t have been possible without our team member Minh Loi Do organising the event.

Sydneys Riders Film Festival

On the 1st of October 2016, founders of Sydneys Riders, Andrew Lee and Greg Ferraina organised a motorcycle Film Festival. It was a fantastic concept idea uniting motorcycle enthusiast. We entered the “Amateur” class in partnership with Australia’s largest supermotard group, SM-14 and Australia’s leading stunt team, Dauntless Movement Crew.


The storyline of the film was about few groups hunting “The Bag”. Unfortunately being one of our first proper film projects, the planning, lighting and filming did not go as planned (we pretty much did it all one night) and therefore the final display did not display its full potential! Nevertheless, we did come 2nd in that division.

Luddenham Raceway Go Karting ft Sydney Food Runners

Our great friends from Luddenham Raceway extended their trading hours to cater our “Go Kart Meet & Eat” event. In collaboration with Sydney Food Runners, we had a total of up to 80 riders swapping their 2 wheels some for 4 wheels action.


Thanks to Simo and the Vukimirica family for being ongoing supporters of what our group gets up to!

Fairfield Council Election Campaign

Besides having a passion for motorcycles, co-founder Kevin Lam’s life objective is to make a difference to his local neighbourhood and inspire youths in the process. Given this, it prompted him to run for the local Fairfield Council elections in 2016.


Kevin mixed up a range of innovative campaign strategies which involved riding through the city centres during peak hour with 50 bright orange SWR riders. Despite missing out on the 4th seat, Kevin is forever grateful for the efforts by his peers.

Start of Year Ride for WhiteLion

On Saturday 16th of January 2016, we did a “Start of Year Ride” for WhiteLion. The reason we had chosen WhiteLion as our organisination of choice, is we believe that many of the common issues confronted by adults today (e.g. domestic violence, violence against women, depression, homelessness and crime) derive from ones early living experiences and conditions as a  youth.


Whitelion infiltrates this by supporting youths through mentoring programs, employment opportunities and workshops to alter the paths that disadvantaged youths endure so that they live a better adulthood. The group embarked to Royal National Park and Macquarie Pass where up to $1000 was raised.


A message from Adam Gibson (Business Development Manager of WhiteLion) quotes that “Whitelion NSW is really excited that a youth led motorcycle riding group is supporting our programs – we look forward to working together to help make a difference in young people’s lives.”

2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012

VIVID Ride for Nepal

On April 25 2015 when Australia were paying respect to fallen warriors on Anzac Day,  Nepal were confronted by an earthquake which killed 8,000 people and injuring more than 18,000 people. The disaster had left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.


Together in partnership with  BikersAus Nepal led by Ateet Shrestha, we will help fundraise on our annual Vivid Lights Ride to assist those in need in Nepal. It was our biggest ever ride attracting over 180 rides. The night was more than a ride, but a unity of riders from diverse background joining as one for Nepal.

End of Year Ride for Youths Off The Street

After a couple of years of  organising “End of Year Rides”, it was at the end of 2014 when we decided to ride for a cause opposed to just a ride. Given the abundances of youth in Sydney West Riders, we we were inclined to support Youth Off The Streets.

Start of Year Ride for WhiteLion