About Our Ride Day

In late 2018, Sydney West Riders became Australia’s and New South Wale’s newest Ride Day Providers at Luddenham Raceway.We run public Ride Days at least once a month along with promotional and private events for motorcycle community.

Starting from $230 ($200 on weekdays), a Ride Day enables motorcyclist to liberate their riding ambitions across 6 x 15min sessions in a safe environment.

Our Vision

– Inspire and unite street riders into track riders
– Provide a platform for riders to liberate their riding ambitions in a safe and controlled environment.
– Welcome riders of all levels to ride in groups that are suitable to their pace.Encourage track riders to ultimately get into amateur racing to promote the motorsport.

About Our Community

Sydney West Riders are a friendly social motorcycling community that was formed in June 2012. Beginning as a Facebook Group, the community has grown to almost 10,000 members. Since it was formed the group meet up every Wednesday for a cruise .  We host weekly events, charity rides, films, community engagement projects , private ride days & all sort of events that unite rides together.

Our Purpose

– To unite riders and build a platform for their riding journeys
– To improve positive publicity of motorcycling to the general public. This is achieved by supporting local organisations, charities and individuals.
– To empower and inspire others, especially youths.
– To collaborate with partners to produce innovative films that promote the creativity of members from the motorcycling community.

The group ranges from learners to fully licences riders of all ages who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. If you or friends have two wheels, come say hello and join us for a cruise.

ASBK 2017 SWR Racing

Sydney West Riders Racing Team competed in its only season in 2017 due to financial constraints. The team consisted of professional racers Thomas Bryden and Cambridge Olivier. The pair continue to race independently on their Yamaha YZF-R6s at the Australian Superbike Championships (ASBK) in the Supersport class. In previous seasons, the pair would spend most of their incomes to pursue the dream of ultimately racing at the World Superbike Series or in Europe. Their sheer passion and talent demonstrate their potential, determination and commitment to the motorsport. We hope in the near future we can connect with like  minded partners to  have a well rounded team and make a comeback!

Our Objective

– To promote motorcycle racing by bridging the social riding community with the racing community.
– To be nationally and globally renowned as the team representing Western Sydney.
– To boost motorcycle racing around Australia
– To support young riders’ dreams
– To create a precedent for large social motorcycling communities to set up their own racing teams.
Importantly, to enable sponsors exposure and marketing to both riding communities.

Join us at our next event!

– Weekly Wednesday Night Rides
– Meet, Greet & Eat
– Dyno Day
– Start of Year Charity Ride
– Annual Vivid Ride

– Ride Days at Luddenham Raceway

Our Rides

SWR conducts weekly night rides every Wednesday and special events such as annual charity rides, partnered events. promotional shoots and quarterly Meet, Greet and Eats! The group’s active source of communication is through the Facebook page located here.

Public Ride Day

Our Ride Day is to inspire street riders to track riders to mitigate speeding off the roads.

Social Riding

To unite street riders across Sydney, we host weekly night rides and events throughout the year.

Private Ride Day

Our Practice Day is to support motorcycle racers of all levels to have adequate track time to prepare for their next meet. This also includes facilitating for aspiring motorcycle racers as well.

Why Riders Join Sydney West Riders?

Reason #1

``Had my first ever track day yesterday and boy, it was the best experience I've ever had. The team was very professional and organized with how they run the show. I love how they make the track a fun yet very safe environment to play in. For anyone that is new to the track, I would definitely recommend booking with these guys!! They'll definitely take care of you!`` - Iszwan Ali

Reason #2

``Track day was very well organised. As a first timer, I was impressed how smooth the experience was, from arrival to the end of the day. Plenty of knowledgeable staff to answer questions and assist when needed, easy access to lap time and canteene, power points available every few meters for your tyre warmers (and electric esky!!!!!). Great opportunity to meet other riders. Definitely recommend!`` - Omar El Fakih - XCite Bikes

Reason #3

``SWR , you have a great track , great facilities and most of all a fantastic people thanks for the magic day.... I'LL BE BACK !`` Nichols James Paul

Reason #4

``How friendly everyone in the group is. Easier to be friendlier because its a pretty small bunch of people (abt 40 people), also I like that the organisers are involved with the riders during the day. `` - Andrew Liu

Reason #5

``A brilliant crew of like minded people, striving to make motorcycling as involving, inclusive and fun as possible!`` - Brian Bolster

Reason #6

``Great organisation, well run, great group of guys!`` - Anellina Haynes

Reason #7

``The SWR crew are professional, welcoming and create a great ride day environment for enthusiast and new riders alike.`` - Adrian Rumel

Reason #8

`` Warm inviting community of riders that work and help with local communities and charities to help promote everybody they can. from learners who have just gotten their license to the more experience riders. The sense of kinship to help others from riding on the streets to tracks and even step into the racing scene is a strong passion shared by all. come join the family `` - Kent Nguyen