Weekly Rides


Quite new to riding? Always wanted to ride in a group? Want to meet other motorcyclist enthusiasts? Then Wednesday a Night Ride is ideal for you.

Every Wednesday Night for the last 5 years, we have been running weekly night rides. The routes inย locations such as Royal National Park, City, Berowra, Palm Beach, Glenmore Park, Sackville Ferry, Galston Gorge and other social events such as our “Meet, Greet & Eat”. If you want to know where we are heading each Wednesday, join our Facebook Group. The ride gets posted around midday.

We meet at Cabramatta Hungry Jacks, Corner of Cumberland Highway and Cabramatta at 7:30pm and depart at 8:00pm. It is often a 2.5 hour return trip or more.

As a friendly and social group, our vision is to bring riders together and to in turn hopefully deliver an ultimate riding experience. The rideย  ranges from learners to fully licenced riders of all ages who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. If you or friends have two wheels, come say hello and join us for a cruise.

Please Note:
-Appropriate motorcycle gear e.g. clear visors at night and low visibility rides, gloves, jacket, pants and boots.
-Ride within your own riding limits.
-Licence is valid and motorbike is registered.
-Plates are visibly displayed.
-Obey speed limits and road rules.
-Do not attract unwanted attention (No revving, burnouts and wheelies esp at meeting points and busy areas.
-No overtaking through corners.
-No overtaking on the left hand side.
-Ensure adequate space when overtaking and merging lanes.
-If an accident occurs, ensure surroundings are safe before assessing the crash e.g. waving riders and cars to slow down from both directions.


SWR invites all levels of riders into the group. Each rider has the responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. This means not pushing your own riding limits or riding unsafely that may endanger the lives of others. The SWR team will address the safety and expectations at the beginning of a ride to ensure a controlled and safe group ride. However SWR will take no responsibility of any sorts of injuries or legal issues that one may experience during our organised rides. As a result, the decision to take part in our rides is your choice.