Who is Sydney West Riders?

Established in June 2012, Sydney West Riders stands as a welcoming and vibrant social motorcycling community. Originating as a Facebook Group, our community has burgeoned to include over 12,000 members, and we proudly organize a diverse array of events throughout the year.

How do I join the weekly Wednesday Night Ride?

Every Wednesday Night since 2012, we have been running weekly night rides. We meet at Cabramatta Hungry Jacks, Corner of Cumberland Highway and Cabramatta at 7:30pm and depart at 8:00pm. It is often a 2.5 hour return trip or more.

The routes includes locations such as Royal National Park, City, Berowra, Palm Beach, Glenmore Park, Sackville Ferry, Galston Gorge and other social events such as our “Meet, Greet & Eat”. If you want to know where we are heading each Wednesday, join our Facebook Group. The ride gets posted around midday on each Wednesday.

What are the rules for the weekly Wednesday Night Rides?

  • Adhere to the Corner Marking rules instructed. This is a system that helps the group reach each stop together.
  • Appropriate motorcycle gear e.g. clear visors at night and low visibility rides, gloves, jacket, pants and boots.
  • Ride within your own riding limits.
  • Licence is valid and motorbike is registered.
  • Plates are visibly displayed.
  • Obey speed limits and road rules.
  • Do not attract unwanted attention (No revving, burnouts and wheelies esp at meeting points, lights and busy areas.
  • No overtaking through corners.
  • No overtaking on the left hand side.
  • Ensure adequate space when overtaking and merging lanes.
  • If an accident occurs, ensure surroundings are safe before assessing the crash e.g. waving riders and cars to slow down from both directions.

Who is SWR Track Days?

Founded in 2018, we introduced a new chapter with the launch of SWR Track Days—an initiative by street riders for those aspiring to explore the thrill of the track at venues like Luddenham Raceway and Sydney Motorsport Park.

How do I participate in a Ride Day?

You can book to part of our track days via our Ride Day page here.

Do I need to be part of SWR to join the Ride Days?

No. All riders are welcome.

I never been on track, this would be my first time. Will there be anyone on the day to assist me?

Yes, sure is! We understand it can be exciting but daunting at the same time. However, to help transition riders into the track life, we include the following:

  • We have 2-3 mentor riders assigned to Purple Group (first timers). They will wear bright orange vest, so you can’t miss them!
  • After the safety briefing, they will lead a track walk to give you some tips and answer your questions.
  • For your very first session, the mentor riders will lead 2 slow sighting laps to get you a feel for the track before it’s all yours to have a go.
  • The mentors will observe the group throughout the day, join you on track and happy to give you some guidance on/off the track.
  • In addition, our track marshals in yellow vest will be floating around to answer any of your queries as well.

What are the requirements for my bike?


  • Tyre pressure is satisfactory for the track.
  • Clear of any punctures.



  • Tape up mirrors and lights (not mandatory).
  • Tape up speedo (not mandatory).
  • Clear of missing bolts, loose materials or sharp edges.



  • Chain adjusted correctly and lubricated.
  • No leaking fluids e.g. oil, coolant and brake fluid.
  • Tyres clear of any punctures and are deemed satisfactory for track.
  • Steering head bearings adjusted correctly with no free play.
  • Protected Engine Cover (Recommended but not mandatory)
  • Handle bars is secured.
  • Front and rear brakes are working to standard.
  • Throttle action smooth and return freely to closed position.
  • Front and rear pads deemed to be suitable.
  • No sharp edges on clutch and front brake.
  • Foot pegs on properly with no sharp edges.
  • Check there is sufficient fuel in the bike.


Special Conditions

  • All track bikes must have red emitted rear lights. (Applies Only to “Under the Lights” events at Sydney Motorsport Park)
  • All supermoto/motards motorcycles must have foot peg sliders. The track strictly prohibits bikes to go on track without sliders. (Applies Only to Luddenham Raceway). These can be purchased on the day for $70.

What protective gear do I need for a Ride Day?

Luddenham Raceway

If you enter Purple Group (Entry Level), the minimum gear requirement is long gloves, long boots, helmet, textile/leather jacket and textile/leather/kevlar pants. All other groups require full leathers.

Sydney Motorsport Parks

Full leathers, long boot, long gloves and helmets required.

What do I need to bring to a Ride Day?

Compulsory Items

  • Riders License
  • Your Bike and Key!
  • Motorcycle Gear
  • Sign Organiser Indemnity Form (sent to your email and by text message or can complete it at morning of registration).
  • Water


  • Front and Rear Stand
  • Tyre Warmers
  • Fuel can or make sure your bike has enough fuel
  • Fuel funnel
  • Camping chair
  • Cable Ties
  • Gaffa Tape
  • Tyre Pressure Gauage
  • Tool Kit
  • Spare Bike Parts (e.g. pegs and levers)
  • Spare Brake Fluid and Engine Oil
  • Cameras (must only be mounted on bike)
  • Food and Drink
  • Ear plugs

What is the Refund Policy for when I book a Ride Day?

Your booking for the Ride Day may be cancelled or terminated by either party upon giving at least seven (7) days’ written notice to SWR Track Days before the Ride Day commences. Upon termination in accordance with this clause, SWR Track Days will give you a full refund of the Booking Fee or credit to a future event. For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds or exchanges will be given in the event of cancellation less than seven (7) days before the Ride Day commences.

In the event where a refund is required, SWR Track Days will repay the Booking Fee within thirty (30) days or offer you a Ride Day credit valid for the remaining duration of the year.

Only in an unforeseen event occurs, SWR Track Days may suspend or terminate the Ride Day by written notice to you. If We terminate in these circumstances, SWR Track Days will refund all payment made by you within thirty (30) days or offer you a Ride Day credit valid for the remaining duration of the year.

Is Timing included?

Yes, Live Timing / Lap Timing is included at Luddenham Raceway for the first 40 that booked into the event.

Can i bring my unregistered track bike?

Yes you can!

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