Save the Date! We’re excited to have the LADIES ONLY RIDE DAY return again this year.

It will be a completely new event format tailored for new to experienced riders. Stay tuned for announcements on our social media channels

First Meet, Greet & Eat resumes for 2024.

you’re up for Premium Wagyu Beef burgers, Chicken burgers, Camel Burgers and bikes, join us for a short ride and chat at Marci Lous in Belmore on Wednesday March 20 2024.

We will meet at Cabramatta Hungry Jacks at 7:30pm then depart at 8:00pm for a short ride to Marci Lous.

This is a great opportunity to meet the team and become a part of our community for a social night. Food will be available for purchase, along with 𝗦𝗪𝗥 merchandise. Please click “attending” for the event via the link below so that we can organise catering!

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This past Sunday night marked the culmination of our Ride Day series for the year at Sydney Motorsport Park. With over 80 riders in attendance, the event was a resounding success, making it a full house. Notably, this gathering was our seventh at SMSP since our inaugural event in August 2021. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect—cool and refreshing, a welcome change from the recent hot spell over the past few days.

After a hiatus of three years due to the global pandemic, we felt it was time for the Sydney West Riders to finally bring back our End of Year Rides and wrap up the year on a high note. The ride is an annual tradition, usually held at the start of the new year, but it’s often too hot for the team and riders!

Having rescheduled the ride from the previous week due to stormy weather and considering the uncertain weather conditions, we were on the verge of rescheduling it again. The decision to proceed with the rescheduled date was a challenging one, but our dedication to the cause of raising funds for the Inspire 180 Project prevailed. The funds generated were subsequently donated to Inspire 180 to support the program’s mission in high schools, which is to foster resilience in young individuals, guiding them to become the community leaders of tomorrow. This objective is realized through a 10-week program, during which students participate in various activities and storytelling sessions. SWR actively contributes to the program by hosting a seminar on week 7, where we share our story, brainstorm goals, and showcase motorcycles. Incorporating motorcycles into the program proves to be an engaging way to connect with the students, creating fun and less formal experience.

We commenced the ride from our usual meeting spot, Hungry Jacks Cabramatta, at 7:30 am, and then proceeded with a brief overview of the charitable cause and a safety briefing before setting out. The ride consisted of around 40-50 riders heading to Bilpin, with planned stops at Penrith and Hawkesbury along the route. Fortunately, the weather was overcast, resulting in a cool and cozy 250km round trip! The ride concluded at The Royal Gardenia in Bilpin, where everyone enjoyed some amazing pies. During the event, we sold $400-$500 worth of raffle tickets. The lucky winners walked away with exciting prizes, including SWR Track Days at Luddenham Raceway and the Sydney Motorsport Park, along with some of our merchandise. We were grateful for everyone who participated and, as a token of appreciation, distributed some lanyards, ensuring that everyone felt like a winner. Sam and the team at The Royal Gardenia had previously hosted us at an event. It was disheartening to learn that their business had also been affected by COVID and the rise in interest rates. We encourage you to visit them on your next run along the Bells of Line Road.

Collectively, with a portion of proceeds from our November 2023 Ride Day, we raised a total of $2,200 for Inspire 180.

In November 2018, we embarked on our first ride day, initially conceived as a private event for our street community. Uncertain about its trajectory, we took the plunge, and the journey that unfolded since then has been truly remarkable.

The realization of our track days owes much to the investment and support from Luddenham Raceway, who recognised potential in SWR that eluded us at the time. Heartfelt thanks to Luddenham Raceway, every rider and every team member who has been part of our events over the years!

To commemorate this significant milestone, we organised a parade lap during the lunch break, bringing together all riders. A special thank you to everyone for your cooperation as we captured stunning drone and photo footage of this memorable moment. We were a bit apprehensive about how it would unfold, but everything came together seamlessly.

See the full video here

On 17th of November 2023, the Inspire 180 Project by Tony Hoang invited us to present another “Dreaming Big” seminar at James Busby High School. High school is an important period marked by uncertainty, challenges, and the making of crucial decisions for the first time. We engaged students in exercises to brainstorm their dreams, helping them identify fears and strategize ways to overcome them.

We look forward to hosting our 2023 End of Year Ride for Inspire180 scheduled Saturday 9th of December with all proceeds going back to the program. Some proceeds from our recent ride day with SWR Track Days will also be donated to the cause towards this program.

On 1st of October 2023, we were involved in the “The Ride Night”. It is the second time we were collaborated in this annual event. Besides our team involved in some logistics and marketing of the event, on the night of the event, we hosted the community activation zone which had Ps mock test and photoshoots. Special thanks to Yo Media and Events, Platinum Potions, TF Moto for assisting us with our zone. Enormous thanks to our team and Romeo and Michael Romeo and Michael for their role in managing the Ps Drill Area.

The purpose of this event was to engage everyday riders and new riders to get their first taste of track riding. That way instead of speeding hundreds of dollars for a Ride Day or training day at the track, this event is an opportunity to get a sneak peek starting from $5. To all those who participated, we hope you had an enjoyable experience, and we look forward to seeing you at the track again soon.

We are also thankful for our partnerships with California Superbike School Australia, Sydney Motorsport Park, Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days, Sydneys Riders and various other brands in sharing their unique products and services.

On 28th of September was our 3rd and final Meet, Greet & Eat night for the year. Sydney Manoosh in Chipping Norton. Despite the wet weather, 50+ riders gathered for a short ride and feed. The restaurant is known for its amazing manoosh, pides, pizzas, desserts and burgers. We’d like to thank Abdul and the Sydney Manoosh team were extraordinary; they opened up after hours to support our community.

What is Meet, Greet & Eat Nights?
Never ridden with us? New and always wanted to come meet fellow SWR riders but no time? Catch up with some riders and friends you haven’t seen ages? Sold your bike but still part of SWR? This is the event to be at.

This is a great opportunity to meet the team and become a part of our community for a social night. Food will be available for purchase, along with 𝗦𝗪𝗥 merchandise.

Who is Sydney Manoosh and Where are they located?
Sydney Manoosh was founded in 2019 on the belief that manoosh could – and should – be exciting. They have taken their family’s authentic manoosh recipe and developed a menu that is bold and full of variety.

On the 26th of July, we organised our second and final Meet, Greet & Eat night for the year. The venue for this memorable event was Dapto Hot Dogs in Lakemba, one of their many fantastic locations. A remarkable turnout of over 70 riders gathered for a delightful combination of a short ride and a scrumptious feast.

Dapto Hot Dogs is renowned for its delectable Halal American-style hotdogs, burgers, fries, and more. The highlights of the evening included the famous Grilled Chicken Burger and the Big Mick Burger. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Mick and the incredible team for their warm hospitality and for making this event truly accommodating. A snapshot of the evening was beautifully captured here.

What is Meet, Greet & Eat Nights?
Never ridden with us? New and always wanted to come meet fellow SWR riders but no time? Catch up with some riders and friends you haven’t seen ages? Sold your bike but still part of SWR? This is the event to be at.

This is a great opportunity to meet the team and become a part of our community for a social night. Food will be available for purchase, along with 𝗦𝗪𝗥 merchandise.

Who is Dapto and Where are they located?
Dapto’s has become a house hold name featuring Halal American style hotdogs, burgers, fries and more. Famous for the Grilled chicken burger and Big Mick burger Dapto Hotdogs & Burgers has been in operation since 2015 starting in Dapto, with 5 different food trucks/trailers to choose from no event is too big or too small Due to our quality, we’ve become a fan favourite and have found ourselves in 3 permanent locations in Lakemba, Condell Park and Punchbowl (Sydney) having eat in, take away and delivery options.

On the 7th of June, we proudly orchestrated our annual Vivid Lights Ride to Milson’s Point, marking one of the grandest events in our 11-year history. This monumental occasion brought together a remarkable assembly of over 300 riders who embarked on a brief yet enchanting journey across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to marvel at the stunning lights, celebrating our milestone anniversary.

Kicking off from Hungry Jacks Cabramatta, our procession included a captivating pit stop at the iconic Five Dock Shell Station (as captured in the accompanying image), culminating in a triumphant finish beneath the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This ride not only showcased the beauty of the city lights but also reflected the spirit and camaraderie that define our 11 years of shared passion for riding.

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