Celebrating International Womens Day!

8th March 2024

Celebrating International Women’s Day. Big cheers to our amazing female riders who not only ride with us but also provide valuable support behind the scenes.

Firstly big thanks to Smantha from That’s Life Magazine for featuring and sharing Rita Nguyen’s story. The magazine is currently available at all newsagents. But if you can’t get a hold of it, below is Rita’s story. It is worth reading for our women riders who are contemplating to join our track days. Rita joined us in 2019 and now have been assisting us since 2021 with a team of other amazing ladies.


Rita helps keep her local motorcycling safe.

Hearing the ruble of motorcycle engines as riders took their positions, I grinned. There’s no place I’d rather be, I thought.

I’d never ridden before but in 2019, aged 20, I saw a second-hand black and silver Yamaha R15 for sale. And on a whim, I bought it. Even after getting my license, I was too terrified of crashing to ride beyond my own suburb.

While servicing my bike one day, my mechanic Sean suggested I join the Sydney West Riders (SWR). “You’ll meet lots of who you can learn from” he said. So, I booked in for one of their monthly track days at Luddenham Raceway. I liked the idea of meeting other riders, felt safer riding on a track without cars, and there was an ambulance on site. 

On the day, I was very shy, but founders, brothers Kevin and Steven Lam, the volunteers and 50 other riders were so friendly and supportive, I instantly felt at ease. Doing laps as part of the beginners group, we were offered tips by volunteer mentors on our body position and safest way to navigate corners. Between laps, I watched the more experienced riders zoom around the track with confidence.

A few months later I was at the SWR’s Ladies Track Day with 30 other female riders. What an amazing community I thought as we laughed and chatted about bikes. I felt I’d truly found my tribe. I became an SWR volunteer in early 2021, helping out on days I’m not working as an account manager for a construction company. My role sees me signing in riders on track days at Luddenham Raceway or Sydney Motorsport Park, ensuring we have their correct information and they’ve signed their paperwork. I help with marshalling riders on track and making sure they’re a safe distance apart. I’m also the self-designated brownie baker!

Other volunteers help with mentoring and time keeping, and we have a rescue crew in case someone needs help or to clean up debris. 

“I saw you out there. You’re doing great!” I say to newcomers, remembering how much it’d meant to me. 

We hold regular road riding events where riders can join a group, go for a ride and stop for a meal and chat. We’re also busy planning our Ladies Track Day in October.

SWR makes everyone feel welcome. Teens to retirees turn up to have a chat, check out each other’s bikes and feel the thrill that comes with riding. I’m so proud to be part of such a positive community.

As told to Samantha Ireland

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