Returning to Ride for a Cause – $2,200 raised for Inspire180

10th December 2023

After a hiatus of three years due to the global pandemic, we felt it was time for the Sydney West Riders to finally bring back our End of Year Rides and wrap up the year on a high note. The ride is an annual tradition, usually held at the start of the new year, but it’s often too hot for the team and riders!

Having rescheduled the ride from the previous week due to stormy weather and considering the uncertain weather conditions, we were on the verge of rescheduling it again. The decision to proceed with the rescheduled date was a challenging one, but our dedication to the cause of raising funds for the Inspire 180 Project prevailed. The funds generated were subsequently donated to Inspire 180 to support the program’s mission in high schools, which is to foster resilience in young individuals, guiding them to become the community leaders of tomorrow. This objective is realized through a 10-week program, during which students participate in various activities and storytelling sessions. SWR actively contributes to the program by hosting a seminar on week 7, where we share our story, brainstorm goals, and showcase motorcycles. Incorporating motorcycles into the program proves to be an engaging way to connect with the students, creating fun and less formal experience.

We commenced the ride from our usual meeting spot, Hungry Jacks Cabramatta, at 7:30 am, and then proceeded with a brief overview of the charitable cause and a safety briefing before setting out. The ride consisted of around 40-50 riders heading to Bilpin, with planned stops at Penrith and Hawkesbury along the route. Fortunately, the weather was overcast, resulting in a cool and cozy 250km round trip! The ride concluded at The Royal Gardenia in Bilpin, where everyone enjoyed some amazing pies. During the event, we sold $400-$500 worth of raffle tickets. The lucky winners walked away with exciting prizes, including SWR Track Days at Luddenham Raceway and the Sydney Motorsport Park, along with some of our merchandise. We were grateful for everyone who participated and, as a token of appreciation, distributed some lanyards, ensuring that everyone felt like a winner. Sam and the team at The Royal Gardenia had previously hosted us at an event. It was disheartening to learn that their business had also been affected by COVID and the rise in interest rates. We encourage you to visit them on your next run along the Bells of Line Road.

Collectively, with a portion of proceeds from our November 2023 Ride Day, we raised a total of $2,200 for Inspire 180.

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